[ reg-nuh nt ]
/ ˈrɛg nənt /


reigning; ruling (usually used following the noun it modifies): a queen regnant.
exercising authority, rule, or influence.
prevalent; widespread.

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Origin of regnant

1590–1600; < Latin rēgnant- (stem of rēgnāns), present participle of regnāre to rule; see reign, -ant

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British Dictionary definitions for regnant


/ (ˈrɛɡnənt) /


(postpositive) reigning
prevalent; current
Derived Formsregnancy, noun

Word Origin for regnant

C17: from Latin regnāre to reign

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Word Origin and History for regnant



"reigning, exercising authority," c.1600, from Latin regnantem (nominative regnans) "reigning," present participle stem of regnare "to reign" (see reign). Adjective regnal (1610s) means "pertaining to a reign," especially in reference to the day or year a reign began.

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