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[ ri-gres-iv ]


  1. Biology. of, relating to, or effecting regression.
  2. (of tax) decreasing proportionately with an increase in the tax base ( def ).
  3. Logic. obtained from or characterized by backward reasoning.

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Other Words From

  • re·gres·sive·ly adverb
  • re·gres·sive·ness re·gres·siv·i·ty [ree-gre-, siv, -i-tee], noun
  • non·re·gres·sive adjective
  • non·re·gres·sive·ly adverb
  • un·re·gres·sive adjective
  • un·re·gres·sive·ly adverb
  • un·re·gres·sive·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of regressive1

First recorded in 1625–35; regress + -ive

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Example Sentences

Krishnan says the “regressive opposition” to his work “only strengthens my resolve.”

From Ozy

Other concerns center on fuel taxes being regressive – having higher impacts on low-income communities.

This crisis is particularly regressive—it’s regressive within countries, with the poorest segments of the population being hit.

From Fortune

Many who remained felt that Lighthizer represented an old guard, with regressive views of how the economy should work.

We certainly know that gambling on, for example, lottery tickets — highly regressive, especially scratch-off tickets.

A wave of critics, though, has been denouncing it as anti-democratic and regressive.

Nipple also posted the rather regressive question “Did gender equality go to far?”

The media, much of it in the hands of regressive establishment figures, eagerly cheered them on.

Finally, while sales taxes are regressive, you can make a pretty good case that taxes on e-commerce are progressive.

But he has quietly gone from being an outlier to being only one of five consistently regressive votes.

To advocate a moral standard higher for women than for men is regarded now as reactionary and regressive.

Formal decay begins when a language becomes historical, and it often gives rise to remarkable cases of regressive metamorphosis.

The two limits are then called the “progressive” and “regressive” differential coefficients.

This influence, a form of regressive assimilation, is known as i-umlaut (pronounced om-lowt).

Dream symbols are the most easily demonstrable, and after them, certain peculiarities of regressive dream representations.





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