[ ri-gur-ji-teyt ]
/ rɪˈgɜr dʒɪˌteɪt /
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verb (used without object), re·gur·gi·tat·ed, re·gur·gi·tat·ing.
to surge or rush back, as liquids, gases, undigested food, etc.
verb (used with object), re·gur·gi·tat·ed, re·gur·gi·tat·ing.
to cause to surge or rush back; vomit.
to give back or repeat, especially something not fully understood or assimilated: to regurgitate the teacher's lectures on the exam.
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Origin of regurgitate

1645–55; <Medieval Latin regurgitātus (past participle of regurgitāre), equivalent to re-re- + gurgit-, stem of gurges whirlpool, flood, stream + -ātus-ate1

OTHER WORDS FROM regurgitate

re·gur·gi·tant [ri-gur-ji-tuhnt], /rɪˈgɜr dʒɪ tənt/, nounun·re·gur·gi·tat·ed, adjective
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How to use regurgitate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for regurgitate

/ (rɪˈɡɜːdʒɪˌteɪt) /

to vomit forth (partially digested food)
(of some birds and certain other animals) to bring back to the mouth (undigested or partly digested food with which to feed the young)
(intr) to be cast up or out, esp from the mouth
(intr) med (of blood) to flow backwards, in a direction opposite to the normal one, esp through a defective heart valve

Derived forms of regurgitate

regurgitant, noun, adjectiveregurgitation, noun

Word Origin for regurgitate

C17: from Medieval Latin regurgitāre, from re- + gurgitāre to flood, from Latin gurges gulf, whirlpool
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Medical definitions for regurgitate

[ rē-gûrjĭ-tāt′ ]

To rush or surge back.
To cause to pour back, especially to cast up partially digested food.

Other words from regurgitate

re•gurgi•tant (-tənt) adj.re•gur′gi•tation n.
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