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  1. In politics, the restoration to favor of a political leader whose views or actions were formerly considered unacceptable. ( Compare nonperson .)

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Example Sentences

The steps that participants will support include enhanced education, testing, and monitoring, the elimination of unsafe lead recycling and smelting activities, and the cleanup and rehabilitation of toxic sites.

From Fortune

When emergencies subside, WFP experts develop programs for relief and rehabilitation and provide developmental aid.

He spent 28 days in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Washington state, he later told police.

Dibo is a graduate of Youngstown’s “drug court,” where nonviolent criminal offenders are able to avoid jail time by completing judicially supervised substance-abuse rehabilitation.

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That makes the need for America to invest more in the mental health and rehabilitation of veterans not just a moral or ethical obligation, but an economic one too … especially at a time when calls to defund the police are also growing.

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A comprehensive rehabilitation approach takes into account all these factors.

As other prisoners took advantage of the rehabilitation programs offered, Lane and Opperud secretly planned an escape.

“I designed my own rehabilitation program—calisthenics, running and other exercises,” Bucca was quoted saying.

He took time to recover and rebuild his strength down South, and also underwent rigorous rehabilitation up in Boston.

This summer Dick Cheney, his wife Lynne and daughter Liz have embarked upon a sustained campaign of reputation rehabilitation.

Peukert, too, the life of their circle, is chiefly concerned with his personal rehabilitation.

She heard of the rehabilitation of Belgium, and portable hospitals, and millions of dollars, and Red Cross trains.

He is a sort of celestial Absalom—vicious, tyrannical, rebellious; but secure of ultimate pardon and rehabilitation.

He could no longer indulge in learned ease, and trust for his rehabilitation to spontaneous respect and sympathy.

The veracity of this document was never assailed, even by those who during the rehabilitation trial pointed out its irregularity.





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