[ ree-hee-ting ]


  1. heating again.
  2. Aeronautics. a process in certain turbojet engines in which gases are expanded by turbines after combustion, burned again in a second chamber, expanded again by additional turbines, and released through the exhaust nozzle.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of reheating1

1720–30; re- + heating ( def )

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Example Sentences

It also has an extended-play version of its auto keep warm function and a reheating cycle.

In 2008, geophysicist Kristin Lawrence decided to revisit the question of lunar magnetization using an improved reheating technique.

Fortunately, today’s toaster ovens generally include these basic features and should be able to tackle the most common small-scale cooking and reheating needs of your kitchen.

And, it’s a matter of coming up with an entirely new menu and different reheating instructions.

From Eater

Preferred reheating methods vary from person to person, and we wanted to see which process got our refrigerated slices as close as possible to their original glory.

It's also a rare pleasure to see a new piece of furniture that isn't just a rehashing or reheating of modernist cliches.

In the same way, left-over foods from the table may be preserved by reheating and canning them.

Pieces of meat should be kept for reheating or made dishes, stews or soups or for salads.

The valve oil must be removed as soon as the bearing cools to prevent reheating.

Wurtz experimented with crude petroleum in a reheating furnace at Jersey City.

Mother Coupeau, kept spinning around, a bit confused, waiting for the right time to begin reheating the pork and the veal.