[ ree-hahy-dreyt ]

verb (used with object)

, re·hy·drat·ed, re·hy·drat·ing.
  1. to restore moisture or fluid to (something dehydrated).

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Other Words From

  • rehy·dration noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rehydrate1

1920–25; re- + hydrate, on the model of dehydrate

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Example Sentences

This will keep the water at ground level, where a tortoise of any size can easily take a drink or even step into the water and rehydrate through the skin.

I nurse a cup of instant soup, freckled with rehydrated corn and carrot, warming my hands.

When the wearer pushes a button, a small reservoir of water is released to rehydrate the sensor, which analyzes accumulated breath droplets on the inside of the mask and produces a result within 90 minutes.

Water is thus a perfectly good way to rehydrate for those of us not working out intensely for long periods of time.

Back home, the researchers rehydrated the pellets, gave them bacteria food and waited for growth.


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