[ ree-in-tuh-grey-shuhn, ree-in- ]


  1. restoration to a unified state.
  2. Psychiatry. the process of returning the mind to an integrated state after it has been deranged by psychosis.
  3. Psychology.
    1. the process of recalling an entire memory from a partial cue, as remembering a speech upon hearing the first few words.
    2. the tendency to repeat the response to a complex stimulus on later experiencing any part of that stimulus.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of reintegration1

First recorded in 1595–1605; re- + integration
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Example Sentences

Smart is Boston’s leader in assists per game this season, and his reintegration should allow Walker to focus better on knocking down the shots that come his way.

I do know that reintegration has to be done slowly and carefully.

That seems strange to most, but the reintegration process after war (and especially after capture) is anything but simple.

They need rehabilitation, he said: education, economic empowerment, and social reintegration.

I think we all agree that after a decade of war, reintegration poses a significant challenge for our troops.

She has promoted an integrated model of care for victims of trafficking for their rescue and reintegration.

Its universal disintegration and waste by oxidation; and its concomitant reintegration by the intussusception of new matter.

Still the process of disintegration and reintegration proceeded.

"I'm afraid the reintegration time of Colonel Johns is running out and he must return to his own time," the professor went on.

He says that the suture insures the reintegration of the nerve much better.

To which extent do they reflect pragmatic reintegration in the global economy or safe isolationism?