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/ ˌriːɪnˈvɛst /


  1. to put back profits from a previous investment into the same enterprise

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Example Sentences

Valiantly, there was an attempt to reinvest in Lady Mary in her new and—you guessed it!

When adultescents return home, mothers tend to reinvest full throttle in their dormant parenting role.

Women and girls reinvest 90 percent of their income into their families—compared with 30 to 40 percent for a man.

As the city grew out to his holdings, he would improve them, rent or sell them, and reinvest further out.

I have often been tempted to reinvest at a greater rate of interest, but I've never dared.

Every time they would take the money and reinvest in more buildings.

We will have to capitalize the interest payments and reinvest them abroad.

My practice is to reinvest my clients' money when it is entirely under my control.





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