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[ ri-joo-vuh-ney-shuhn ]


  1. the act of making someone young again or restoring them to youthful vigor:

    The area features luxurious resort hotels with spa facilities for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

  2. the act of making something new and fresh, or restoring it to a former better state:

    The governor’s legacy includes notable achievements in many areas, including the environment, public transit, and rejuvenation of the economy.

  3. Physical Geography.
    1. the renewal of the activity, erosive power, etc., of a stream by uplift or by removal of a barrier in the stream bed:

      Recent tectonic activity along the Euphrates fault resulted in the rejuvenation of part of the Euphrates River.

    2. the return of a region to a more youthful topography by the action of streams renewed in this way:

      The differential erosion and the presence of residual hills at different heights may be attributed to the effect of uplift and rejuvenation of the region in different periods.

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Example Sentences

This facility demonstrates our proprietary media rejuvenation technology in scale, allowing us to reach production densities 10-times higher than the industrial standard.

This led to the conclusion that there must be some kind of rejuvenation event that allows the offspring’s cells to start with a clean slate.

In a new study, scientists describe evidence that supports that rejuvenation hypothesis.

Once they’ve seen the Badlands or Yosemite Valley, the average citizen will be filled with sacred rejuvenation and will support efforts to preserve those places for prosperity.

This is also the first time that BDG has access to a print product — W publishes its magazine six times a year as of this year — however, a large focus has been digital rejuvenation for the nearly 50-year-old brand once owned by Condé Nast.

From Digiday

One is on African primal religions, another on the tao of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, another on the path to total rejuvenation.

Will the impacts described above be the peak of the climate crisis, to be followed by a period of recovery and rejuvenation?

Only hope for his daughter and the rest of Generation Hot can deliver us from crisis and into recovery and rejuvenation.

Kate and William's rejuvenation of the British monarchy depends on making us think they are just like us.

He is just too cool for school in a country desperate for the infectiousness of rejuvenation.

Burn up the products of fatigue, replace them with fresh cells full of oxygen, and you get rejuvenation.

Thus Egypt lost her power of national rejuvenation, her power of rising again after calamity.

The tired world will need for its rejuvenation a broadened and deepened medical science.

It might seem that the rejuvenation of the Jews had been consummated more rapidly than the rejuvenation of the other peoples.

When humanity begins to wilt, what a pity that the cuticle does not peel as a sign of rejuvenation!


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