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[ ri-ley-tid-nis ]


  1. the state or condition of being associated or connected in content, purpose, effect, etc.:

    The paper makes much of the relatedness between anthropology and folklore studies.

    These two committees often meet in the same week because of staffing efficiencies and the relatedness of the issues.

  2. the quality, condition, or degree of being allied or linked by nature, origin, kinship, or an emotional or spiritual bond:

    DNA fingerprinting allows us to identify relatedness between individuals.

    Both theories emphasize the basic human need for relatedness that underlies interpersonal or social behavior.

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Other Words From

  • un·re·lat·ed·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of relatedness1

First recorded in 1670–80; related ( def ) + -ness ( def )
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Example Sentences

The New York Times first reported details of the case, which was filed under seal, keeping the lawsuit and all related court filings hidden from public view.

Roblox hosts millions of games that are built by its users, who then get a share of any related revenue.

From Fortune

The internet of things and related technologies are in early use in smart cities and other infrastructure applications, such as monitoring warehouses, or components of them, such as elevators.

While the president certainly has some influence over the future of electric vehicles, some related stocks got a boost from another guy who has some influence over the stock market.

From Fortune

It’s worth noting that this study used quite a small sample size, and that while it is unlikely that these results could have been coincidental and not related to the virus, it is not statistically impossible.

Thus significance is relatedness, but it is relatedness with the emphasis on one end only of the relation.

The male and female are urged to love-play by the sexual impulse, and this necessarily involves a sense of inter-relatedness.

The method is the same as that employed by the statistician in measuring the relatedness of any two series of varying phenomena.

Froebel thought in this way through simple play to help the child little by little to feel the relatedness of all life.

My creation is the creation of a fuller understanding of relatedness.