[ ri-ley-shuh-nl ]
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  1. of or relating to relations.

  2. indicating or specifying some relation.

  1. Grammar. serving to indicate relations between various elements in a sentence, as prepositions, conjunctions, etc.: Compare notional (def. 6).

Origin of relational

First recorded in 1655–65; relation + -al1

Other words from relational

  • non·re·la·tion·al, adjective
  • un·re·la·tion·al, adjective

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How to use relational in a sentence

  • Just like anyone else, black women are multi-layered, complex, different, and most importantly, they are not relational.

  • In other words, they express identical relational concepts in an identical manner.

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  • Finally, I can radically disturb the relational cut of the sentence by changing the order of its elements.

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  • Statement as such and personal reference may well be looked upon as inherently relational concepts.

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  • Of the four concepts inextricably interwoven in the -s suffix, all are felt as relational, two necessarily so.

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  • We are thus once more reminded of the distinction between essential or unavoidable relational concepts and the dispensable type.

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British Dictionary definitions for relational


/ (rɪˈleɪʃənəl) /

  1. grammar indicating or expressing syntactic relation, as for example the case endings in Latin

  2. having relation or being related

  1. computing based on data stored in a tabular form: a relational database

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