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[ ri-lent-lis-lee ]


  1. without letting up, pausing, or giving up; persistently:

    To win, you need to keep coming at the other team relentlessly, without allowing them time to adjust or alter strategy.

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Example Sentences

She underwent a double mastectomy in November, trained relentlessly as she beat back the disease, and a year later, she’s been cleared by the NCAA to return with an extra year of eligibility.

Knowing the Seahawks were struggling in the secondary, he had Allen attack relentlessly.

Activists have long argued that locking people in cages and relentlessly funding the police are not the answers to society’s problems.

From Vox

Morey firmly believed that a team needs multiple star players to truly contend for a championship, and he relentlessly pursued that structure throughout his tenure.

We’re relentlessly focused on making sure that comes through in everything that we do and oftentimes, that starts with our editorial coverage and design.

From Digiday

She was 16 when she enrolled in middle school, but her classmates teased her relentlessly.

Belgium pressed relentlessly for an equalizer, dominating play from about the 70th minute to the final whistle.

First discovered more than 150 yeas ago in the Lake Regions of Africa, it has spread relentlessly around the world.

Certainly, the relentlessly negative press coverage of physicians sets the tone.

He volunteers, with leadership and labor, for Habitat for Humanity, and he relentlessly and tirelessly writes.

Then there was a lamp which swung backwards and forwards and searched my eyeballs relentlessly, no matter how I covered them.

It was critical, curious, more than a little unfeeling—and relentlessly illuminating.

Millicent Chyne made a little appealing movement towards Meredith, who relentlessly stepped back.

"He had his work all cut out for him here," persisted her husband relentlessly.

“'And you will be sure to scald your fingers and get the worst of it,'” Puddy went on relentlessly.