[ ruh-yey-noh, ruh l-yey-; Spanish re-ye-naw, re-lye- ]
/ rəˈyeɪ noʊ, rəlˈyeɪ-; Spanish rɛˈyɛ nɔ, rɛˈlyɛ- /
Mexican Cookery.


stuffed, especially filled with cheese: chilis rellenos.

noun, plural rel·le·nos [ruh-yey-nohz, ruh l-yey-; Spanish re-ye-naws] /rəˈyeɪ noʊz, rəlˈyeɪ-; Spanish rɛˈyɛ nɔs/.

a chili relleno.

Origin of relleno

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