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/ riːˈləʊd /


  1. tr to place (cargo, goods, etc) back on (a ship. lorry, etc)
  2. to put ammunition into a firearm after having discharged it
  3. computing to fetch the latest updated version (of a web page or document); refresh

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Example Sentences

The doctor checked again as the firing squad began to reload.

Is forcing them to stop and reload really a threat to American liberty?

A 61-year-old woman wrestled a fresh magazine away from Loughner as he tried to reload.

Would Lanza really have been gang-rushed by fast-thinking primary school students if he stopped to reload?

Would Lanza really have been gang-rushed by fast-thinking primary school students if he stopped to reload?

But he had self-possession enough, now that his hand was free for an instant from close battle, to reload his rifle and revolver.

The Baron had barely time to reload and climb to the top of one of the trees, when the bear was already at the foot of it.

I was endeavouring to reload, when I heard a shot, and the creature fell dead almost at my feet.

Wilson took a glance over in the direction Riggs had hidden and then proceeded to reload the gun.

Of course, it was empty; as while retreating before the buffalo, he had not found an opportunity to reload.


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