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[ ri-mahr-kuh-blee ]


  1. to a notable or unusual degree; extraordinarily:

    Because he was such a remarkably principled and decent man, he made a habit of responding personally to every one of his many fan letters.

  2. in a way that is worth taking note of:

    Remarkably, this little video just happened to be exactly what I needed to prepare for my job interview.

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Other Words From

  • qua·si-re·mark·a·bly adverb
  • un·re·mark·a·bly adverb

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Example Sentences

Yet the most remarkable journey of her life was across a private border, when she cast off her earlier identity as James Morris and became Jan Morris.

One of the most remarkable features of human nature is its plasticity.

One of the most remarkable achievements of the past four years was federal criminal justice reform, which passed with overwhelming support from politicians in both parties.

From Fortune

In honor of that remarkable abundance, we’ve put together this celebration of the books that helped us maintain our wits during trying times.

“It’s just remarkable the number of guns, the proliferation of guns, in this region,” Smith said.

What I had “on the girls” were some remarkably brave first-person accounts.

For someone doing, as he puts it, “double duty,” the 59-year-old Condon looks remarkably spry.

Whether or not we believe that divine precepts give us guidance, our behavior is remarkably similar.

People who know him speak of a relaxed and charming man, remarkably free of arrogance or unpleasantness.

Remarkably enough, there could be a surprise in store for Democrats who see these things clearly and are searching for a leader.

That is the only point in which one sees Liszt's sense of his own greatness; otherwise his manner is remarkably unassuming.

They had then as leader a very honest man, who got along remarkably well with the natives of the country.

It is remarkably good, and some exceptionally fine asbestos has been got out here.

Although bordering on the lowest state of destitution—and that is a remarkably low state in London!

The inhabitants of the city looked remarkably well after the 105 daysʼ siege.