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[ ri-mem-bruhns ]


  1. a retained mental impression; memory.

    Synonyms: reminiscence, recollection

  2. the act or fact of remembering.
  3. the power or faculty of remembering.

    Synonyms: memory

  4. the length of time over which recollection or memory extends.
  5. the state of being remembered; commemoration:

    to hold someone's name in remembrance.

  6. something that serves to bring to mind or keep in mind some place, person, event, etc.; memento.

    Synonyms: memorial, token, souvenir, trophy, keepsake

  7. a gift given as a token of love or friendship:

    I sent her a small remembrance on Mother's Day.

  8. remembrances, greetings; respects.


/ rɪˈmɛmbrəns /


  1. the act of remembering or state of being remembered
  2. something that is remembered; reminiscence
  3. a memento or keepsake
  4. the extent in time of one's power of recollection
    1. the act of honouring some past event, person, etc
    2. ( as modifier )

      a remembrance service

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  • nonre·membrance noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of remembrance1

1300–50; Middle English < Old French; remember, -ance
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Example Sentences

The famed chef received criticism for posting a remembrance of casino magnate and conservative donor Sheldon Adelson

From Eater

There they paused, many of them kneeling, for eight minutes and 46 seconds in remembrance of George Floyd.

They also show how closely tied space is to memory, in that somehow our brains tend to “pin down” specific remembrances to a particular location.

I think for many Korean Americans, the tenor of Chuseok’s guide to remembrance expands to their or their family’s immigrant experiences.

From Eater

When confronted with new categories—farm animals—his neural circuits call upon those past remembrances, and seamlessly incorporate those memories with new learnings to update his mental model of the world.

This is - we hope - the last Remembrance Day service which will be held involving UK troops in Afghanistan as the UK withdraws.

Diane von Furstenberg The iconic designer began her remarks with a remembrance of Oscar de la Renta, who died earlier in the week.

And that remembrance of and desire to cling to things past is what DISH Network is selling here.

A remembrance of the zany, ad-libbing actor who made us laugh and cry.

I try to make her present, with memory or imagination, hopeful that our little remembrance will be for her a little resurrection.

O death, how bitter is the remembrance of thee to a man that hath peace in his possessions!

In the remembrance of them her expression and her attitude became charged with more definite meaning.

General Moreno's name was still held in warm remembrance in the city of Mexico, and Felipe found himself at once among friends.

Put me in remembrance, and let us plead together: tell if thou hast any thing to justify thyself.

And Peter calling to remembrance saith unto him, "Rabbi, behold the fig tree which thou cursedst is withered away."


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