View synonyms for remind


[ ri-mahynd ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to cause (a person) to remember; cause (a person) to think (of someone or something):

    Remind me to phone him tomorrow. That woman reminds me of my mother.


/ rɪˈmaɪnd /


  1. trusually foll byof; may take a clause as object or an infinitive to cause (a person) to remember (something or to do something); make (someone) aware (of something he may have forgotten)

    flowers remind me of holidays

    remind me to phone home

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Other Words From

  • rere·mind verb (used with object)
  • unre·minded adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of remind1

First recorded in 1635–45; re- + mind

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Example Sentences

When she rose to leave, he reminded her of the effort he’d put into advocating for her over the years.

It reminded me of my colleagues in Tokyo a decade earlier, who would go out drinking after work and then come back to the office for a free car-service ride home so they wouldn’t have to take public transportation—not because they were working late.

From Fortune

They remind voters to mail back their absentee ballots and when Election Day voting begins and ends.

Import it to your Google Calendar, and it’ll remind you exactly when to sign up for, then cancel, each trial service to avoid being charged.

From Fortune

In some cases, she reminded the attorney general of the global pandemic, saying she needed to work at a second job to make ends meet or that she was caring for family members.

But the ads are not just intended to remind the Google-curious that Paul exists and is thinking about running for president.

They had also come “to remind America of the fierce urgency of now.”

You remind us that men and women have imperfection in common, and are indivisible.

Sciamma still wants to remind us that they are still children.

I remind Deen that his namesake died in an infamously horrible car crash, so he may want to cool it on texting and driving.

Other pictures by this artist remind one of the works of Botticelli.

She had just come to forty-nine, and was wondering if she might remind the fairy father of his duty, when the door opened.

But you may cynically remind me that nothing will come of the Determinists' protest against the evil social conditions.

They will be duly appreciated, and remind her constantly of the pleasures of your visit.

"I haven't seen you since I came here, Mr. Courthorne, and now you remind me of another man I once had dealings with," he said.