[ rem-ing-tuhn ]


  1. E·liph·a·let [ih-, lif, -, uh, -lit], 1793–1861, U.S. arms manufacturer.
  2. Frederic, 1861–1909, U.S. painter and sculptor.

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Example Sentences

The plaintiffs asked Remington to produce all content on the company’s social media pages, including embedded images and videos they could not initially view, according to the source.

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“It’s so depressing that this is what it’s come to,” says Josh Koskoff, the attorney representing nine families of victims in a long-running wrongful death suit against Remington over its marketing practices.

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Those tens of thousands of images and videos were downloaded by Remington’s defense team and provided upon that request, the source says, adding that they were posted by third-parties on the social media pages.

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Cartoons aside, he says the documents more importantly show what Remington still has not handed over.

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As part of the deal, Norfolk Southern will make additional investments that would help create a continuous two-track corridor from Manassas to Remington.

The actor is the quintessence of smooth, first as Remington Steele, then James Bond.

Colt, Remington, and Gauge have all soared, and Gunner is much more common than the traditional name Gunnar.

Just 185 babies were given the name Remington in 2002, but by 2012 the number had jumped to 666.

He still had the old Remington manual typewriter on which he punched out Run to Daylight!

He had with him a Remington 870 shotgun he purchased in a Virginia gun store on Sunday, a month after the Newport incident.

The Moros possessed a large number of Remington rifles, looted from the Spaniards, on whom they had often made surprise raids.

The Whitmore double-barrel breech-loading shotgun was designed, and later developed into the Remington breech-loading shotgun.

I mean—Well, anyhow I take it Mr. Remington stands for constructing a civilised state out of this muddle.

The real progress, Remington, is a graver thing and a painfuller thing and a slower thing altogether.

"Remington wants us to give up launching Dreadnoughts and launch babies instead," Burshort urged.


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