[ ri-mit-id ]
/ rɪˈmɪt ɪd /
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(of money) having been sent or transmitted to a person or place, usually as payment:Any remitted money must be in U.S. currency.
(of a debt, offense, etc.) having been forgiven or pardoned:Our envoys shall not have the right to extort payment of remitted fines from those destitute persons whom the emperor has forgiven.
Law. (of a hearing or other legal proceeding) having been put off or deferred, or having been sent back to a lower court for reconsideration:The judge undertaking the remitted welfare hearing will clearly expect the freedom to independently consider all the evidence and make her own findings about it.
Medicine/Medical. (of a patient or a disease) having had the symptoms decrease or subside; in remission: Our study indicates that without continuous active treatment, virtually all remitted patients relapsed within 6 months.Few studies have focused on cognitive deficits in a remitted state of major depressive disorder.
Physics. (of light) reflected or scattered back, rather than transmitted through a material:An optical fiber delivers light to the tissue region of interest, and a second optical fiber collects the remitted photons.
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