[ verb ree-mount; noun ree-mount, ree-mount ]
/ verb riˈmaʊnt; noun ˈriˌmaʊnt, riˈmaʊnt /

verb (used with or without object)

to mount again; reascend.


a fresh horse or supply of fresh horses.

Origin of remount

1325–75; Middle English remounten < Old French remonter. See re-, mount1
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verb (riːˈmaʊnt)

to get on (a horse, bicycle, etc) again
(tr) to mount (a picture, jewel, exhibit, etc) again

noun (ˈriːˌmaʊnt)

a fresh horse, esp (formerly) to replace one killed or injured in battle
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Word Origin and History for remount



also re-mount, late 14c., "put on horseback again," also "return to a former state," from Old French remonter "to climb up, ascend again," from re- (see re-) + monter (see mount (v.)). From late 15c. as "to go up again," 1620s as "to raise (something) up again." Related: Remounted; remounting.

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