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[ ri-myoo-ner-uh-tiv, -nuh-rey-tiv ]


  1. affording remuneration; profitable:

    remunerative work.

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Other Words From

  • re·mu·ner·a·tive·ly [ri-, myoo, -n, uh, -rey-tiv-lee, -ner-, uh, -tiv-], adverb
  • re·muner·ative·ness noun
  • nonre·muner·ative adjective
  • nonre·muner·ative·ly adverb
  • unre·muner·a·tive adjective
  • unre·muner·a·tive·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of remunerative1

First recorded in 1620–30; remunerate + -ive
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Example Sentences

The philosophies, culture, and priorities of the companies that lead in the metaverse era, therefore, will help determine whether the future is better or worse than our current moment, rather than just more virtual or remunerative.

From Time

You argue that many of the most remunerative occupations in America are rent-seeking activities.

Mining and Mineral Engineering: 90% male And here are the 10 least remunerative majors—where women prevail in nine out of ten: 1.

(The causal link between crime and the lack of remunerative employment is surprisingly weak).

There was a time obviously when gossip was the big thing and it was very remunerative.

Whenever a chance of more remunerative employment turned up, Aristide took it and dissolved the Agence.

Believing that they would be remunerative, he applied for the following English patent in February, 1831.

She knew that she had chosen the most expensive and the least remunerative form of her delightful art.

Any assistance which can be given in the way of remunerative work will be cheerfully rendered.

We started in the highest spirits, but the fountain was never remunerative, and soon its works went wrong.