[ ruh-nawlt; French ruh-noh ]


  1. Lou·is [loo, -ee, lwee], 1843–1918, French jurist: Nobel Peace Prize 1907.

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Example Sentences

“To meet new environmental standards for a hybrid engine, we must completely rethink the architecture of gasoline engines,” says Vincent Talon, head of simulation at Renault.

In fact, by using a virtual engine and transmissions as stand-ins while developing hardware, Renault has managed to cut its AMT development time almost in half.

In an effort to streamline its AMT development process, Renault turned to Simcenter Amesim software from Siemens Digital Industries Software.

To comply with emerging carbon dioxide emissions standards, Renault has been working on the design and development of hybrid vehicles.

So, too, are emerging environmental standards prompting Renault to rely more heavily on AI.

They carjacked a Renault Clio, took the car, and fled with it.

He keeps the papal Mercedes parked in the Vatican garage and insists on tooling around Rome in well-worn 1984 Renault.

The swapping stations were constructed so that they could only handle the custom-built Renault Fluence Z.E.

The prototypes were promising enough to land the Israeli startup a contract with the French-Japanese automakers Renault-Nissan.

The Renault Fluence delivered a smooth and quiet ride with lots of pickup.

"Now all she lacked she may have, Renault," he said, smiling.

There was a silence, then a trembling: "Mars' Renault, suh, is dat you?"

For God's sake, Renault, go and help Willett stop the militia!

There were nine or ten tanks, of types varying from the little Renault to the powerful battleship sort.

Another man walked quickly out of El Siglo and got into the back seat of the Renault.