/ rɛnˈdɛl; ˈrɛndəl /


  1. RendellRuth (Barbara)1930FBritishWRITING: crime writer Ruth ( Barbara ), Baroness. born 1930, British crime writer: author of detective novels, such as Wolf to the Slaughter (1967), and psychological thrillers, such as The Lake of Darkness (1980) and (under the name Barbara Vine ) A Fatal Inversion (1987) and The Chimney Sweeper's Boy (1998)

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Example Sentences

“Lewis knew he had to do the right thing, and he way overpaid for the papers,” Rendell said.

If Katz was using a chartered jet, “maybe that explains it,” Rendell said.

Think of what a meat-and-potatoes Democrat like Ed Rendell would do in the job.

A meat-and-potatoes Democrat like Ed Rendell would make jobs and the economy the true top priority of his administration.

Ed Rendell, David Brooks, Dee Dee Myers, and more offer ideas for Clinton after she steps down as secretary of state.

Mr. Rendell also lives rent free in a house adjoining and belonging to the church.

“I hope I shall never be so forgetful of my duties as to say anything so indiscreet,” replied Mrs Rendell firmly.

Mr Rendell struck an attitude of remembrance, at which the watching faces brightened with smiles.

Ned walked away obediently, and Mrs Rendell thrust the half-finished note under her desk, too agitated to complete it.

Mrs Rendell looked up sharply, met an embarrassed yet steadfast glance, and felt a throb of relief.