[ ree-ni-goh-shee-eyt ]
/ ˌri nɪˈgoʊ ʃiˌeɪt /

verb (used with object), re·ne·go·ti·at·ed, re·ne·go·ti·at·ing.

to negotiate again, as a loan, treaty, etc.
to reexamine (a government contract) with a view to eliminating or modifying those provisions found to represent excessive profits to the contractor.

verb (used without object), re·ne·go·ti·at·ed, re·ne·go·ti·at·ing.

to negotiate anew.
to reexamine the costs and profits involved in a government contract for adjustment purposes.

Origin of renegotiate

First recorded in 1930–35; re- + negotiate

OTHER WORDS FROM renegotiate

re·ne·go·ti·a·ble [ree-ni-goh-shee-uh-buh l, -shuh-buh l] /ˌri nɪˈgoʊ ʃi ə bəl, -ʃə bəl/, adjectivere·ne·go·ti·a·tion, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for renegotiate

/ (ˌriːnɪˈɡəʊʃɪˌeɪt) /


to negotiate again in order to alter or change previously agreed terms

Derived forms of renegotiate

renegotiation, noun
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