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[ ri-noo, -nyoo ]


  1. able to be renewed:

    a library book that is not renewable.


  1. something that is renewable.


/ rĭ-no̅o̅ə-bəl /

  1. Relating to a natural resource, such as solar energy, water, or wood, that is never used up or that can be replaced by new growth. Resources that are dependent on regrowth can sometimes be depleted beyond the point of renewability, as when the deforestation of land leads to desertification or when a commercially valuable species is harvested to extinction. Pollution can also make a renewable resource such as water unusable in a particular location.
  2. Compare nonrenewable

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Other Words From

  • re·newa·bili·ty noun
  • nonre·newa·ble adjective
  • unre·newa·ble adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of renewable1

First recorded in 1720–30; renew + -able

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Example Sentences

What was made possible with Si2 on a small scale should guide the way to future-proofing power-generation systems that are made up entirely of renewable energy.

Plus, additional funds go toward her long-term goal of converting the farm to renewable power.

We’re also happy to say that Jon Shieber will become our new Climate Editor, focused on the startups and funding being put behind renewables, environmental technology and green businesses.

Dominion had argued that the proposal would have hurt its ability to invest in renewable energy projects.

The cost of building new renewables is becoming increasingly competitive with the cost of adding additional capacity to existing fossil fuel facilities.

But renewable electricity is playing an increasingly important role in car production.

The total cost of the so-called Competitive Renewable Energy Zones: $7 billion.

That means that financial innovation is now as important to scaling up renewable energy as engineering innovation.

Braley touted his bipartisan record in Washington on legislation to promote renewable energy and help veterans.

Sarkozy can be held 24 hours, renewable once for a second 24-hour stretch.

After that, the notes renewable annually and (perhaps) a larger part of the principal payable semi-annually.

These heavy tips are in two parts, the oxygen check being renewable.

Renewable term-insurance premiums are lower than straight life insurance because in the former there is no cash surrender value.

It is, however, prepared to grant leases of thirty-five years, renewable on complying with certain forms.

It has influenced my thinking in all things connected with our renewable resources.


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