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[ ri-noo-uhl, -nyoo- ]


  1. the act of renewing.
  2. the state of being renewed.
  3. an instance of this.

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Other Words From

  • nonre·newal noun
  • self-re·newal noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of renewal1

First recorded in 1675–85; renew + -al 2
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Example Sentences

We will also be playing around with price testing on renewals to understand what the best renewal rate is in the retention funnel.

From Digiday

Preventing this can be as easy as sending renewal reminders and following up when their payment fails.

The renewal of the Paycheck Protection Program included in the coronavirus relief package passed by Congress in December adds to the $660 billion that has already been earmarked for forgivable loans.

For example, if your renewal rates are especially low, that might indicate an issue with the long-term durability of your product or the customer service you’re providing.

This week, Congress approved a $900 billion pandemic rescue package that includes a $300-a-week unemployment benefit, cash payments of up to $600 for most individuals and a renewal of extended jobless aid programs that are about to expire.

From Fortune

Set among the vacant houses of suburban New Mexico, the film offers a bleak perspective on the possibility of growth and renewal.

“Escort” sounds like I would need to look into service renewal.

We would have considered an algae bloom to be a welcome sign of ecological renewal.

Freedom, the book says, is precarious, it must be won every day and can only be found through constant renewal.

Discretionary spending comes up every year for renewal; the biggest-ticket item in that category is the defense budget.

The fight went on briskly till night, when the combatants agreed to postpone its renewal for five days.

She saw the old life closing in on her, and hardly heeded his fanciful picture of renewal.

Her children were to her what they are to many mothers for a long period of time,—a sort of renewal of their own existence.

The circumstance which gave rise to this motion was the renewal of the charter with the Bank of England.

A third act was passed, imposing restrictions on the renewal of leases by ecclesiastical persons.