[ re-nee ]

  1. Gui·do [gwee-daw], /ˈgwi dɔ/, 1575–1642, Italian painter.

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  1. a combining form meaning “kidney,” used in the formation of compound words: reniform.

Origin of reni-

<Latin rēni-, combining form of rēnēs kidneys Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use Reni in a sentence

  • Cujus ossa in Reni fluminis insula, ubi in Oceanum prorumpit, reservata sunt et de longinquo venientibus pro miraculo ostenduntur.

    Beowulf | R. W. Chambers
  • Jules Reni for whom Julesburg was named, was one of his first victims.

    The Awakening of the Desert | Julius C. Birge
  • We must picture him for ourselves, and this, thanks to Guido Reni, we may easily do.

    Joan of Arc | Laura E. Richards
  • Guido Reni treasured it, but, as treasures do disappear, it vanished.

    The Browning Cyclopdia | Edward Berdoe
  • Berdoe says that the volume owned by Guido Reni was a collection of a hundred drawings by Raphael.

    Browning's Shorter Poems | Robert Browning

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/ (Italian ˈrɛːni) /

  1. Guido (ˈɡwiːdo). 1575–1642, Italian baroque painter and engraver

British Dictionary definitions for reni- (2 of 2)


combining form
  1. kidney or kidneys: reniform

Origin of reni-

from Latin rēnēs

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