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[ ri-pey ]

verb (used with object)

, re·paid, re·pay·ing.
  1. to pay back or refund, as money.

    Synonyms: indemnify, reimburse

  2. to make return for:

    She repaid the compliment with a smile.

  3. to make return to in any way:

    We can never repay you for your help.

    Synonyms: reward, requite

  4. to return:

    to repay a visit.

verb (used without object)

, re·paid, re·pay·ing.
  1. to make repayment or return.


/ rɪˈpeɪ /


  1. to pay back (money) to (a person); refund or reimburse
  2. to make a return for (something) by way of compensation

    to repay kindness

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Derived Forms

  • reˈpayable, adjective
  • reˈpayment, noun
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Other Words From

  • re·paya·ble adjective
  • re·paya·bili·ty noun
  • re·payment noun
  • nonre·paya·ble adjective
  • nonre·paying adjective
  • unre·paid adjective
  • unre·paya·ble adjective
  • well-re·paid adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of repay1

From the Middle French word repaier, dating back to 1520–30. See re-, pay 1
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Example Sentences

In a filing announcing its initial public offering, it said that the vast majority of dollars lent had been repaid.

In a second complaint filed last December, Nuñez said that her credit score had been damaged after Oportun charged off her account, meaning it didn’t expect to be repaid, despite the fact that she had resumed payments.

Businesses will scramble to make up for thousands of dollars in lost income, to repay debts to vendors, to pay back months of rent.

From Eater

Having produced all living things, it deserves our gratitude, while its power and subtle complexity repay scientific scrutiny.

This left them with insufficient funds to repay the buyers, so they’re offering a 120% future credit, which many people are upset about.

From Fortune

She vowed to repay the money—no official word, however, on whether she ever did that.

There is no way I could ever repay the debt I owe him for his standing by me through the challenges of the last decade.

Chesapeake pledged to pay Access enough in fees to repay the $5 billion plus a 15 percent return on its pipelines.

The electric sports car maker is using a debt offering to repay a $465 million government loan – nine years before it is due.

But whatever the amount, over a couple of years it will more than repay the hour that you spent setting all this up.

Ill should I repay the family who fostered my son, were I to surrender their darling into the hands of his enemies.

In former transactions with his wife, he had pledged his word of honour to repay her.

As unto revenge, as it were to repay wrath to his adversaries, and a reward to his enemies: he will repay the like to the islands.

For how otherwise but by diminishing wages can they repay themselves for lost time, for trouble, and for expense?

To erect steam-engines, they never could believe would repay the expense.