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[ ri-pen-tnt, -pen-tuhnt ]


  1. repenting; repent; penitent; experiencing repentance.
  2. characterized by or showing repentance:

    a repentant mood.

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Other Words From

  • re·pentant·ly adverb
  • half-re·pentant adjective
  • nonre·pentant adjective
  • nonre·pentant·ly adverb
  • unre·pentant adjective
  • unre·pentant·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of repentant1

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English repentaunt, from Old French repentant, present participle of repentir; equivalent to repent 1 + -ant
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Example Sentences

Governor Mandela Barnes would be particularly satisfying as he is a totally despicable, non-repentant, Trumper.

Church leaders could choose to restrict her membership if she is considered repentant enough.

When the first WEED aired, Dr. Gupta apologized, sincerely repentant for having poo-pooed the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

A sympathetic figure, Tyson has been repentant about many aspects of his behavior.

Beck may not be the first repentant Republican, but he is certainly the most operatic, a kind of comic Pavarotti of the right.

Now his attackers—some repentant, others still spewing hate—have been sentenced.

Two years later, a repentant Uma wore skin-tight Versace in a meek porridge hue.

Angelo, dear, she said in repentant  tone; I am sorry I pained you this afternoon; but I am jealous, so jealous of you.

On hearing this repentant cry, Madame Bastien reproached herself for her tears.

What saint, or repentant sinner had dragged out his days here when this was a cell in a monastery?

The alarm sound typifies the sorrow which a repentant man feels for his misconduct and his earnest determination to reform.

The last sound is the pure sound again, which typifies a sincere resolve to keep the repentant heart incorrupt.


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