replacement theory

[ ri-pleys-muhnt thee-uh-ree, theer ee ]
/ rɪˈpleɪs mənt ˌθi ə ri, ˌθɪər i /
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a demographic conspiracy theory popular among white nationalists in the United States and Europe that speculates that falling birthrates among white, native-born Christians, together with a growing population of nonwhite, non-Christian immigrants, whose arrival is believed to be encouraged or orchestrated by globalist elites with the goal of undermining national identities, will, if unchecked, result in the decline of white European culture or its dominance.See also white genocide.
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Also called the Great Re·place·ment [thuh-greytri-pleys-muhnt] /ðə ˈgreɪt rɪˈpleɪs mənt/ .

Origin of replacement theory

First recorded in 1900–05 as a medical term; current sense dates to 2015–20; partly based on L’Abécédaire de l’in-nocence (The Abecedarium of No-Harm, 2010) and Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement, 2011), books by Renaud Camus, French novelist, white nationalist, and conspiracy theorist (born 1945)

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