[ ree-pruh-doo-suh-buhl, -dyoo- ]


  1. able to be copied, duplicated, represented, or closely imitated:

    A complimentary reproducible workbook is included for your client to use as she goes through the counseling sessions.

  2. Biology. (of an organism or organic part) able to reproduce itself or be reproduced by some process of generation or propagation, sexual or asexual:

    In natural selection, environmental conditions determine the reproductive success of a reproducible unit such as an organism or cell.

  3. (of an organism) able to have its reproduction caused or fostered by human beings:

    Numerous challenges are encountered in our botanical research, including the identification and procurement of reproducible plant material.

  4. able to be produced, formed, made, or brought about again or anew in any manner:

    While most of us have seen this password issue, it is infrequent and not reproducible on command, making it hard to diagnose and fix.

  5. able to be recalled to the mind or represented in thought, as through the memory or imagination:

    Far from being essential to perception, the formation of a reproducible mental image represents a later stage of evolution altogether.

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Other Words From

  • re·pro·duc·i·bil·i·ty [ree-pr, uh, -doo-s, uh, -, bil, -i-tee, -dyoo-], noun
  • non·re·pro·duc·i·ble adjective
  • un·re·pro·duc·i·ble adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of reproducible1

First recorded in 1770–80; reproduc(e) ( def ) + -ible ( def )
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Example Sentences

The only notable difference is that Luna’s system is smaller and cheaper to reproduce, Furlong said.

That’s because some individuals in the group survive to reproduce and pass on their genes.

This is something that has been really hard to reproduce in the laboratory.

In practice, few studies are fully replicated because most researchers are more interested in producing new results than reproducing old ones.

Jumping worms grow faster and reproduce more quickly than other earthworms, such as nightcrawlers.

First came the realization that results obtained under such conditions were not always reproducible.

Only reproducible experiments, and ones that justify interest, are validated.

The "unique utilities," things not reproducible by human labor, command what might be termed natural monopoly-prices.

He writes an idiomatic Swedish which, in a sense, is not reproducible in another language.

"It has to be reproducible, Lefty," he said, but in a kindly tone.

Moser's pictures, and Chinese mirrors, the impressions on each being reproducible by warm breath, are examples of this.

Land – being a scarce, non-reproducible resource – fostered a scarce, non-reproducible social elite.