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[ rep-til-ee-uhn, -til-yuhn ]


  1. belonging or pertaining to the Reptilia.
  2. groveling, debased, or despicable; contemptible.
  3. mean; treacherous; harmful.


  1. a reptile.


/ rĕp-tĭlē-ən /

  1. Relating to or characteristic of reptiles.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of reptilian1

1840–50; < New Latin Reptili ( a ) reptiles (plural of rēptile, neuter of Late Latin rēptilis; reptile ) + -an

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Example Sentences

The animals in this study had the more pointy, reptilian noggins.

He and his colleagues also analyzed the reptilian family tree to predict where Tetrapodophis might have fit in.

In a fossilized chunk of ancient reptilian poop, scientists have found nearly complete specimens of a new species of beetle.

His sneering portrayal of Shang Tsung was so memorable, the games once again retrofitted his reptilian sliminess to match that performance.

Even when she stopped looking reptilian and began looking like a little human, I wanted no part of it.

Still, Spacey endows Frank with a reptilian intelligence, a cunning that gives him an edge over everyone he encounters.

But when meets Nixon and they discuss football in the back of a limousine, he is able to humanize the reptilian president.

He surveyed the reptilian mounts that were led forward and chose one whose eight legs were a trifle longer than average.

Sea leopards—long, lithe creatures with a reptilian cast of head—are remarkably quick in the water.

It was a monstrous thing formed by the joining of three of the great reptilian bodies!

He came closer, his quick reptilian eyes taking in with evident interest every feature of their bodily appearance.

The whole vast cone and surging reptilian hordes seemed spinning at increasing speed around him.