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[ ri-sin-did ]


  1. revoked, repealed, or canceled, sometimes because invalidated by later action or a higher authority:

    The teacher's union has pledged to fight for reinstatement of the rescinded raises.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of rescind.

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  • un·re·scind·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

Gayles ultimately rescinded both of his orders, saying the state’s actions gave him no choice.

They’ve had to publicly rescind their Climate Action Plan twice.

The city mandate passed days after a district health board rescinded a mask requirement for surrounding Kootenai County and months after Mayor Steve Widmyer expressed opposition to a mandate in his city.

Sullivan on Tuesday ordered Postal Service executives to formally rescind DeJoy’s directives, including a stricter transportation schedule that banned late and extra dispatch and delivery trips.

What’s more, he ordered Arise to rescind all waivers already signed and to notify all of its current and former employees that the waivers were no longer in effect.

As he was unable to return to the United States for a required medical examination, his new job offer was rescinded.

Congress initially allocated $200,000 to finish the work, but then rescinded the appropriations before it was spent.

In February a judge rescinded a ban on police entering the campuses.

What to make of all these ultimatums, those rescinded or falsified and those left on the table?

They ultimately rescinded the invitation when conservatives like Brent Bozell expressed outrage about the inclusion.

The ministers at length flattered themselves that Harley's resolution might be rescinded.

A policy may be rescinded whenever fraud has been practiced by either party.

If lands or money had been granted to him and his associates, for the same purposes, such grant could not be rescinded.

That resolution has never been rescinded, till now thirty-six stars blaze on our banner.

The death sentence was rescinded, of course, pending this new trial.