or ré·seau

[ rey-zoh, ruh- ]
/ reɪˈzoʊ, rə- /
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noun, plural re·seaux [rey-zohz, -zoh, ruh-], /reɪˈzoʊz, -ˈzoʊ, rə-/, re·seaus.
a network.
a netted or meshed ground in lace.
Astronomy. a network of fine lines on a glass plate, used in a photographic telescope to produce a corresponding network on photographs of the stars.
Meteorology. a system of weather stations under the direction of a single agency or cooperating for common goals.
Photography. a screen having minute colored filters, used in some forms of color photography.
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Origin of reseau

1570–80; <French réseau,Old French resel, diminutive of rais net <Vulgar Latin *rētis (singular) or *rētēs (plural), for Latin rēte
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British Dictionary definitions for reseau

/ (ˈrɛzəʊ) /

noun plural -seaux (-zəʊ, -zəʊz) or -seaus
a mesh background to a lace or other pattern
astronomy a network of fine lines cut into a glass plate used as a reference grid on star photographs
photog a screen covered in a regular pattern of minute coloured dots or lines, formerly used in colour photography

Word Origin for reseau

C19: from French, from Old French resel a little net, from rais net, from Latin rēte
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