reserve officer


  1. a noncareer commissioned officer in a military reserve unit who has served on active duty and who may be recalled to active service during an emergency.

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Example Sentences

Bates connected an FBI agent with one of his men, a reserve officer.

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The actor and police enthusiast reportedly wants to be a reserve officer.

Border guards discover that subject is a reserve officer of the Russian Federation navy.

It is therefore desirable that each Reserve Officer know where to find them and become, in a general way, familiar with them.

Dr. Haack is an artillery reserve officer, and he was then going to join his regiment.

She was the widow of a reserve officer who had fallen in Galicia.

I am a reserve officer in the German army, and I was determined to get back to fight.

When the Dove of Peace does come, it will be a real bird of good omen, not a German reserve officer masquerading as one.





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