[ rez-uh-ney-ter ]

  1. anything that resonates.

  2. an appliance for increasing sound by resonance.

  1. an instrument for detecting the presence of a particular frequency by means of resonance.

  2. Electronics.

    • a hollow enclosure (cavity resonator ) made of conducting material of such dimensions that electromagnetic radiation of a certain frequency will resonate.

    • any circuit having this frequency characteristic.

Origin of resonator

First recorded in 1865–70; resonate + -or2

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How to use resonator in a sentence

  • D is the wire by which the tongue is tuned; E the body of the pipe which acts as a resonator.

  • A feeling of trembling in the upper chest is usually held to indicate that the chest cavity is working properly as a resonator.

    The Psychology of Singing | David C. Taylor
  • It is no better adapted for air resonance than an ordinary spherical resonator would be, if filled with wet sponges.

    The Psychology of Singing | David C. Taylor
  • If left to its own judgment the ear takes the resonator to be the original source of the sound.

    The Psychology of Singing | David C. Taylor
  • The sound waves in this case can issue only from the front of the resonator,—the singer's mouth.

    The Psychology of Singing | David C. Taylor

British Dictionary definitions for resonator


/ (ˈrɛzəˌneɪtə) /

  1. any body or system that displays resonance, esp a tuned electrical circuit or a conducting cavity in which microwaves are generated by a resonant current

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