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[ ri-spek-tiv-lee ]


  1. (of two or more things) referring or applying to two or more things previously mentioned in a parallel or sequential way:

    Joe and Bob escorted Betty and Alice, respectively.

  2. in precisely the order given; sequentially.


/ rɪˈspɛktɪvlɪ /


  1. (in listing a number of items or attributes that refer to another list) separately in the order given

    he gave Janet and John a cake and a chocolate respectively

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Word History and Origins

Origin of respectively1

First recorded in 1550–60; respective + -ly

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Example Sentences

The units offer 400 and 1,700 inch-pounds of torque, respectively, which translates to all the power you’ll need for every household task big and small.

Shortly after, Del Taco and Burger King added Beyond and Impossible products to their menus, respectively.

All-Pro defenders Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey turn 30 and 27 this year, respectively.

The Associated Press reported the two men who are 27- and 29-years-old respectively were each caned 77 times in the province’s capital of Banda Aceh under Shariah law.

Yoo Jae-Myung and Yang Kyung-Won, who had standout performances in last year’s Itaewon Class and Crash Landing on You, respectively, also star in this series.

From Time

Of the three nominated, Webster did the best, receiving 12 votes, Gohmert and Yoho received three and two votes, respectively.

In 2008 and 2012, Huckabee and Santorum, respectively won the Iowa Caucus, but did not make it to the finish line.

Buffalo ranked tenth in the nation, while Detroit and Pittsburgh ranked twelth and thirteenth, respectively.

The difference is nonetheless drastic: $220,119 and $44,453, respectively, on average per person annually.

Jolly and Creten, who are both married to Monster Jam drivers (Neil Elliott and Jimmy Creten, respectively), have kids.

This organ comprised no less than ninety-five ranks of Mixture, including two stops of twenty-one and twenty ranks, respectively.

The original documents (in duplicate) are drawn up in Spanish and in English respectively.

These divisions represent, respectively: "Foundation," "wood wind," "string" and "brass."

This road was joined at Canterbury by two others, proceeding respectively from Lympne and Reculver.

The larger revenues of the primates, he said, were to be reduced respectively to the amounts of 10,000 and 8000 per annum.