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rest area


  1. a motorists' stopping place, usually off a highway, equipped with tables, seats, etc

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Example Sentences

Over to the side of the rest area, Hoge had his computer open and was typing away.

A small cot in the corner even provided a rest area for KGB agents when the listening sessions stretched through the night.

The popular supposition amongst the troops was that they were bound for a rest area.

The main John Day fault, which here is buried under river gravel, is believed to be just south of the rest area.

For the battalion had just spent three days in the rest area and was due to take over the line on the fourth day.

But nothing came of it but heavy casualties, and it was decided to send the Division back to the rest area again.

So that each brigade spent sixteen days in the line, and then eight days in the rest area about Neuville Vitasse.


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