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resting place


  1. a place where someone or something rests, esp ( last resting place ) the grave

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Example Sentences

The ground floor of the structure is revered by Jews as the final resting place of King David.

To have their remains at their final resting place where they took their last breath.

We need to visually identify wreckage before we can confirm that this is the final resting place of Flight MH370.

So Davis is one of the lucky ones, a great musician whose final resting place is known and respected.

I can only visit his final resting place when I come to Palestine.

They are now in general use as the best means of preservation against damage and a good resting place at all times.

I was one of those who travelled to London to follow his remains to their resting place.

Among those who did themselves the honor of following his remains to their last resting-place was the present emperor of Germany.

At other times the simplest words indicated a saint's last resting place.

For this purpose it was necessary to occupy in America some spot which might be a resting place between Scotland and India.


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