[ ri-tik-yuh-luhm ]
/ r瑟藞t瑟k y蓹 l蓹m /
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noun, plural re路tic路u路la [ri-tik-yuh-luh] /r瑟藞t瑟k y蓹 l蓹/ for 1-3.
a network; any reticulated system or structure.
  1. a network of intercellular fibers in certain tissues.
  2. a network of structures in the endoplasm or nucleus of certain cells.
Zoology. the second stomach of ruminating animals, between the rumen and the omasum.
genitive Re路tic路u路li [ri-tik-yuh-lahy]. /r瑟藞t瑟k y蓹藢la瑟/. (initial capital letter)Astronomy. the Net, a southern constellation between Dorado and Hydrus.
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Origin of reticulum

First recorded in 1650鈥60; from Latin r膿ticulum 鈥渓ittle net鈥; see reticle
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How to use reticulum in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for reticulum (1 of 2)

/ (r瑟藞t瑟kj蕣l蓹m) /

noun plural -la (-l蓹)
any fine network, esp one in the body composed of cells, fibres, etc
the second compartment of the stomach of ruminants, situated between the rumen and psalterium

Word Origin for reticulum

C17: from Latin: little net, from r膿te net

British Dictionary definitions for reticulum (2 of 2)

/ (r瑟藞t瑟kj蕣l蓹m) /

noun Latin genitive Reticuli (r瑟藞t瑟kj蕣藢la瑟)
a small constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Dorado and Hydrus
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Scientific definitions for reticulum

[ r沫-t沫ky蓹-l蓹m ]

Plural reticula
The second division of the stomach in ruminant animals, which together with the rumen contains microorganisms that digest fiber. The reticulum's contents are regurgitated for further chewing as part of the cud. See more at ruminant.
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