[ ret-n-ak-yuh-luh m ]
/ ˌrɛt nˈæk yə ləm /

noun, plural ret·i·nac·u·la [ret-n-ak-yuh-luh] /ˌrɛt nˈæk yə lə/.

Anatomy, Zoology. any of various small structures that hook, clasp, or bind other structures to move them or hold them in place.
Entomology. a bristle on the butterfly forewing that clasps to the frenulum of the hindwing.



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Origin of retinaculum

1815–25; < New Latin; Latin retināculum tether, rope which holds fast or restrains, equivalent to retin(ēre) to hold fast, retain + -ā- (from v. stems ending in -ā-; cf. gubernaculum) + -culum -cule2 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for retinaculum

/ (ˌrɛtɪˈnækjʊləm) /

noun plural -la (-lə)

connection or retention or something that connects or retains
zoology a small hook that joins the forewing and hind wing of a moth during flight

Derived forms of retinaculum

retinacular, adjective

Word Origin for retinaculum

C18 (a surgical instrument used in castration): Latin, from rētinēre to hold back
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Medical definitions for retinaculum

[ rĕt′n-ăkyə-ləm ]

n. pl. ret•i•nac•u•la (-lə)

A band or bandlike structure that holds an organ or a part in place.

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ret′i•nacu•lar (-lər) adj.
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