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[ rev-uhl-ree ]


, plural rev·el·ries.
  1. reveling; boisterous festivity:

    Their revelry could be heard across the river.

    Synonyms: spree, carousal, celebration, merrymaking


/ ˈrɛvəlrɪ /


  1. noisy or unrestrained merrymaking

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Word History and Origins

Origin of revelry1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; revel, -ry

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Example Sentences

Some people may have thought that, having been prevented from mingling with other humans for a period, folks would greet the return of social activity with hugs, revelry and fellowship.

From Time

The usual revelry was absent, replaced by protective screens and masks, a mostly empty House of Delegates chamber, heightened security protocols and workmanlike bureaucracy.

Think of it as Game of Thrones—if you subtract the sex and violence and add drunken revelry and singing.

My friends, hurting from a night of rum-infused revelry, opt for Revive.

Despite the intoxicated revelry that is an Avicii live show, his songs make few mentions of alcohol or drugs.

These days I sometimes fall into a counter-historical revelry in which Lincoln allowed the South to remove itself from the Union.

The bloodthirsty Young Turks of Bohane bide their time, waiting in the shadows to shank and supplant their revelry-addled elders.

Aristide in a hideous red mask and with a bag of confetti under his arm, plunged with enthusiasm into the revelry.

But Pujol senior, though wondering where the devil he had fished all that money from, did not waste it in profligate revelry.

Turning abruptly to the right, they came upon a door through which there issued sounds of terrible revelry.

Not in the wildest days of Eastcheap revelry did it resound in any one key of vinous harmony.

His only real playtimes are the festas, when for some hours he indulges in revelry—if, indeed, it be worthy of such a title.


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