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[ri-vur-ber-uh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee]
  1. characterized or produced by reverberation.
  2. noting a furnace, kiln, or the like in which the fuel is not in direct contact with the ore, metal, etc., to be heated, but furnishes a flame that plays over the material, especially by being deflected downward from the roof.
  3. deflected, as flame.
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noun, plural re·ver·ber·a·to·ries.
  1. any device, as a furnace, embodying reverberation.
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Origin of reverberatory

First recorded in 1595–1605; reverberate + -ory1
Related formssem·i·re·ver·ber·a·to·ry, adjective
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  1. characterized by, utilizing, or produced by reverberation
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noun plural -ries
  1. short for reverberatory furnace
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