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Revised Version


  1. a revision of the Authorized Version of the Bible prepared by two committees of British scholars, the New Testament being published in 1881 and the Old in 1885

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Example Sentences

A revised version of the law goes into effect on January 1st, 2015.

But in 2013, Snyder signed a barely revised version of the emergency manager law—and then used it to take over Detroit.

The “true” story, the revised version, was only discovered later, but copies of the original could still be found in circulation.

These words are rendered in the Revised Version "from death to death," and "from life to life."

The Revised Version renders it "whether we are beside ourselves," but in the margin gives "were" for "are."

It falls into three parts, which are clearly marked as such in the Revised Version: Chap.

This rendering of the Revised Version fairly conveys the meaning.

This, which is the second alternative given in the margin of the Revised Version, seems to me the true meaning of .





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