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/ riːˈvɪzɪt /


  1. to visit again
  2. to re-examine (a topic or theme) after an interval, with a view to making a fresh appraisal

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Example Sentences

Consequently, Googlebot began revisiting old URLs as well as detecting new ones progressively less often.

Let’s revisit the factors and see what kind of metrics they translate into.

Campbell said that date would allow the City Council to revisit the issue later this year when there is expected to be more clarity on state and federal funding streams that could aid struggling renters.

These findings suggest it will be important to revisit past conclusions about dinosaur reproductive behavior, which primarily relied on analyses of theropod fossils.

Sims and Humphries even revisited albatrosses in a subsequent study in 2012.

So I was able to revisit my roots from studying classical music when I was a kid, all the way up to when I was 20.

With the passing of film legend Lauren Bacall, let us revisit one of the greatest love affairs in the history of cinema.

That was the point of the play—to look back and provide an accurate display of history, and revisit the legacy of Lyndon Johnson.

Pakistan needs to revisit, revise and improve its foreign relations to ask for support if needed.

(Netflix, June 1) The Stepford Wives (2004) This so-bad-it's-good Stepford Wives remake is well worth a revisit.

And why, he suddenly thought again, were they so impressed by the mere fact of his coming to revisit his old school?

For sentimental reasons a man might like to see his old head once more, just as one likes to revisit an old home.

The antiquarian Camden, were he to revisit Yarmouth, would not be a little astonished at what he would see.

They had to revisit their old haunts on the moors, white now with snow.

The traders, once safely out of his country were very careful not to revisit it while he lived.