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[ ree-vahyt-l-ahy-zey-shuhn ]


  1. the act or process of giving new life or fresh vitality or energy to someone or something:

    New restaurants can be an anchor in the revitalization of a neglected or run-down neighborhood.

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Example Sentences

Across the country, local governments have tried different strategies — often in combination — to build up commercial space for residents and revitalize struggling neighborhoods.

Now, having “decided to focus on the challenges in my own backyard,” he is founder and president of Urban Juncture, a social enterprise he started in 2003 to revitalize disinvested communities in Chicago.

These essentials revitalizes scalp hydration no matter your curl type and texture.

They have been more concerned with revitalizing the retail and housing mix, adding trees and reducing traffic congestion.

For years, he also worked to revitalize downtown Las Vegas, pledging $350 million in 2013 for redevelopment.

From Fortune

The Coens love the music, it is clear, and they have a blessed talent for revitalization.

Ted Cruz loves rekindling the story of Ronald Reagan as a political roadmap for Republican revitalization.

Regionalism in publishing can be a great spur to revitalization of reading.

The revitalization of a religious Zionist party and a growing center-right are real challenges to its position.

Chief agent in revitalization of Greek mythology, 220 et sqq.

Mankind soon lost connection with the spiritual dynamo of revitalization—except most intermittingly.

There is, then, no lasting revitalization from this tide of life.

That is to say, that here also she lives on her reserves, that she has no means of revitalization.