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[ ri-wawrd ]


  1. a sum of money offered for the detection or capture of a criminal, the recovery of lost or stolen property, etc.
  2. something given or received in return or recompense for service, merit, hardship, etc.

    Synonyms: bonus, premium, bounty, requital, remuneration, pay, desert

verb (used with object)

  1. to recompense or requite (a person or animal) for service, merit, achievement, etc.

    Synonyms: remunerate, pay, compensate

  2. to make return for or requite (service, merit, etc.); recompense.


/ rɪˈwɔːd /


  1. something given or received in return for a deed or service rendered
  2. a sum of money offered, esp for help in finding a criminal or for the return of lost or stolen property
  3. profit or return
  4. something received in return for good or evil; deserts
  5. psychol any pleasant event that follows a response and therefore increases the likelihood of the response recurring in the future


  1. tr to give (something) to (someone), esp in gratitude for a service rendered; recompense
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Derived Forms

  • reˈwardable, adjective
  • reˈwarder, noun
  • reˈwardless, adjective
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Other Words From

  • re·warda·ble adjective
  • re·warda·ble·ness noun
  • re·warda·bly adverb
  • re·warder noun
  • re·wardless adjective
  • misre·ward verb (used with object)
  • over·re·ward verb
  • super·re·ward verb (used with object) noun
  • unre·warda·ble adjective
  • unre·warded adjective
  • well-re·warded adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of reward1

First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English (verb) rewarden originally, “to regard,” from Old North French rewarder “to look at,” variant of Old French reguarder; regard
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Word History and Origins

Origin of reward1

C14: from Old Norman French rewarder to regard, from re- + warder to care for, guard, of Germanic origin; see ward
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Synonym Study

Reward, prize, recompense imply something given in return for good. A reward is something given or done in return for good (or, more rarely, evil) received; it may refer to something abstract or concrete: a $50 reward; Virtue is its own reward. Prize refers to something concrete offered as a reward of merit, or to be contested for and given to the winner: to win a prize for an essay. A recompense is something given or done, whether as reward or punishment, for acts performed, services rendered, etc.; or it may be something given in compensation for loss or injury suffered, etc.: Renown was his principal recompense for years of hard work.
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Example Sentences

This is extremely difficult to pull off, but if you can do it—and teach other people to do it—the reward is tremendous.

From Fortune

In this span of time, brands have had their quarterly digital marketing plans upended, but not without a unique opportunity to reap the rewards of an online shopping surge.

From Digiday

Move by move, game by game, an algorithm combines experience and value function to learn which actions bring greater rewards and improves its play, until eventually, it becomes an uncanny Breakout player.

They have shown that if you observe another person receive a reward, like food or money, your brain activity is the same as if you were the one receiving the reward.

There are plenty of unethical business practices that can reap huge rewards if you get away with them, not least because few of your competitors dare use them.

For instance, Best Buy has over 40 million members in its customer loyalty program, Reward Zone.

Their reward: what is possibly the most infuriating series finale of the new millennium.

Still images of each will be released today and a reward will be posted for information leading to their arrest.

The $50,000 reward means a weapon was brandished to either the customers or the employees.

When it comes to setting up a reward, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service considers “$50,000 commonplace.”

History gives them scant notice, and the Federal government has failed to reward them as they deserve.

On the establishment of the Empire Berthier, like many another, received the reward for his faithfulness to Napoleon.

Each has his "natural liberty," and each in his degree, great or small, receives his allotted reward.

And a bitter reflection was it, that reward still came to him—still a fair return for time and strength expended.

When an article is written, the financial reward (and we may as well live as not) is a matter of certainty.


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