[ rey ]


  1. a city in N Iran, near Teheran.

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Example Sentences

At night, during breaks in the fighting, Rey looked skyward.

The first Rey book that I encountered, however, had no monkeys whatsoever.

In the future, Rey imagines Glowee’s living lamps as the default option.

To compare, Lana Del Rey sold over 100,000 copies that same week.

For Big Eyes, you commissioned a pair of songs by Lana Del Rey.

There is no Bill Cunningham, or Lana Del Rey, or Andy Cohen.

The Lana Del Rey of Born to Die and Ultraviolence never lets her sexual orientation pass by unmarked.

Del Rey publicly complained and suggested the Guardian was exploiting her, but it was too late for that.

Now, there is such a place as Porto del Rey, for I was there once, but not till twenty years later.

He supposed that the battle Molino del Rey of Molino would be a small affair.

He was wounded very severely at Molino del Rey, and for a time his life was despaired of.

He participated in all of the engagements, and was promoted on the field of Molino del Rey for his bravery.

I this winter finished my Eloisa, and sent it to Rey, who had it printed the year following.