[ ren-ldz ]


  1. Sir Joshua, 1723–92, English painter.


/ ˈrɛnəldz /


  1. ReynoldsAlbert1935MIrishPOLITICS: politicianPOLITICS: prime minister Albert . born 1932, Irish politician: leader of the Fianna Fáil party and prime minister of the Republic of Ireland (1992–94)
  2. ReynoldsSir Joshua17231792MEnglishARTS AND CRAFTS: painter Sir Joshua . 1723–92, English portrait painter. He was the first president of the Royal Academy (1768): the annual lectures he gave there, published as Discourses , are important contributions to art theory and criticism

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Example Sentences

Reynolds said that ratings for “The Dissident” did not require proof of a theatrical ticket because the movie is also available on-demand.

Waterloo’s mayor, Quentin Hart, had also contacted the governor, telling Reynolds that if she didn’t push the plant to close temporarily, he’d hold the state responsible for any community spread or deaths in Waterloo.

The existence of the network was first reported by Politico last week,21 but an exclusive interview with Reynolds revealed why he started the sites.

After FiveThirtyEight contacted him, Reynolds took all three sites and their Facebook pages offline.

“I would encourage people to follow their heart in the moment,” says Reynolds of the ending.

From Fortune

Reynolds acknowledged that much of his appeal comes from being the grandson of R.J. Reynolds.

Reynolds spent $1.5 million on an anti-smoking campaign, a large chunk of his wealth.

But for Reynolds and Robbins, obeying their consciences came with a price tag.

The facility where this happens is owned by R.J. Reynolds, which also makes cigarettes that kill by the hundreds of thousands.

The rich widow herself said that that R.J. Reynolds “got knocked in the head” by the jury.

She has been much influenced by Gainsborough, Lawrence, and Reynolds, traces of their manner being evident in her work.

It is famous for its picture gallery, which contains many priceless originals by Gainsborough, Reynolds and others.

The pictures are of untold value, one room being filled with originals by Gainsborough and Reynolds alone.

It is said that he was invited on one occasion to dine with Bishop Reynolds, p. 213when several young clergy were present.

Batteries over the river are to shell the enemy's position in the woods in front of Reynolds's left.


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