or Rhad·a·man·thus

[rad-uh-man-thuh s]
  1. Classical Mythology. a son of Zeus and Europa, rewarded for the justice he exemplified on earth by being made, after his death, a judge in the Underworld, where he served with his brothers Minos and Aeacus.
  2. an inflexibly just or severe judge.
Related formsRhad·a·man·thine [rad-uh-man-thin, -thahyn] /ˌræd əˈmæn θɪn, -θaɪn/, adjective
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  1. Greek myth one of the judges of the dead in the underworld
Derived FormsRhadamanthine, adjective
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1580s, from Latinized form of Greek Rhadamanthos, one of the judges of the lower world (son of Zeus and Europa); used allusively of inflexible judges. Related: Rhadamantine.

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